Welcome to Clearspace

Let us help you take the first step in finding your space.


Secure, Private & Professional Workspace

With each building, workspace, and milestone… we find ourselves taking on new clients and objectives at a consistent rate. A rate which keeps growing, keeping us eager to chase down every inch of success coming our way. How we measure our success is based on your happiness, the happiness of our clients. Our mission is to accommodate the needs of you and your business at an extent which is best suited to you. This will not only aid the high standards of our community, but also push us in the direction of being the best at what we do.


20+ Years Experience

Here at Clearspace, our team is built up of experience in finding and securing offices based off each individuals’ unique wants and needs. With this we’ve witnessed all the challenges that come with trying to find an office space that is best suited for you and your business. As Clearspace, we provide a seamless & simplistic way to adhere to the clients’ desires when it comes to finding the right office for you. Taking each of our locations and fitting them out to a high standard ensuring the same quality and efficiency as you would for your business. We’ve found a way to take away the pain that comes with trying to find the perfect office space.


Why Choose Us

Company Branding

We invite you to bring your own company branding into your new workspace.

Contemporary Design

All furniture is high quality and the contemporary design showcases the sophistic space to their clients.

Truly Unbranded

Have the freedom to personalise the space as their own in our truly unbranded business model


The space is private and secure with 24/7 access.


We strive to create partnerships with our clients, find solutions, and create bespoke offices to allow clients to thrive in our workspaces.

Cost Effective

We offer a competitive price, in an all exclusive fee, with no hidden charges.